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Manchester SIN – Absinthe 200ml



Our nod to a real classic. The stuff of green faeries and the favourite tipple of numerous artists and writers living in Paris in the 20th Century… Absinthe.

Manchester Sin is traditionally distilled at the Spirit of Manchester Distillery, capturing the aniseed flavours of wormwood in our sinfully delicious absinthe.

Absinthe gained a reputation as a hallucinogen due to the supposed visions its drinkers would experience after one (or a few too many). Our absinthe packs a punch and is best enjoyed in cocktails or over iced water with sugar.

Why have we created an absinthe?

Well, Seb’s all-time favourite cocktail is a Corpse Revivor #2, so we decided we wanted to make all the ingredients we needed in it ourselves. We’ve got the gin, the vermouth, the absinthe… Just a delicious orange liqueur to go.

Bottle Size

ABV 68%

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