We have 4 Gins in our core range, all developed to offer something a little bit different:


Along with Dandelion and Burdock Root, our award-winning signature gin is made up of ten other specially sourced botanicals including orange and lemon, liquorice and ground almond.

Good round citrus notes with a classic Juniper undertone.

An initial citrus and juniper taste that develops into a depth of flavour underpinned by Dandelion and Burdock root.

A smooth creamy finish with a delicate sweetness from liquorice.

Raspberry Infused

Our Raspberry Infused gin is a delicate yet slightly sweet gin that is perfect for a refreshing G&T. More commonly known as “Pink Manchester Gin’, the aroma of the sweetest raspberries and it’s look make it unmistakable.

An unmistakably Raspberry aroma with a slight Citrus and Juniper trace.

A sweet yet gentle tone of Raspberry, underpinned by a clear Gin character.

A slight floral tone is followed by our customary smooth finish.

Wild Spirit

A creamy savoury gin with complex herbaceous notes that was inspired by walks through the woodlands of Manchester. We’ve taken the citrus and sweeter notes from our signature gin and instead used Sage, Thyme, Orris, Lemon Balm and Silver Birch.

Subtle eucalyptus gives way to fresh pine and floral orris.

Smooth sage is followed by warming, earthy Dandelion and Burdock.

Aromatic juniper and spice leads into a classic crisp finish.


Our take on Navy Strength is a more intense version of our Signature gin. Cut at an impressive 57%, this is a delicious and vibrant gin, full of flavour and character. The higher ABV amplifies the citrus and intensifies the aromatic juniper.

Vivid juniper and pine is met with fragrant citrus notes.

A smooth liquorice start beautifully blends into a burst of lemon and orange.

A surprisingly sweet finish with a hint of warming spice.

The technical bits


When Manchester Gin was born, it was in the dining room of a house that Jen and Seb had just bought. Now, the Spirit of Manchester Distillery occupies a space in the centre of the city where every bottle is hand-crafted and distilled in small batches… and when we say small batches, we really mean it.

Our three stills produce every single drop of our gin and together make just over 500 bottles a run; the real definition of small batch. They are our three copper ladies and are so named; Wendy after Jen’s beloved late mother, Victoria after the fabulous Victoria Wood and Emmeline after the iconic suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. What better tribute to some of Manchester’s most inspirational women.


Our signature botanicals are synonymous with the North. We hand-forage dandelion and burdock roots from around the Manchester area which are then used within all of our gins – it’s a childhood favourite we couldn’t leave out.

We also impart a subtle viscosity by distilling with ground almond and a gentle sweetness from liquorice root. The rest is a harmonious blend of the finest botanicals, developed to encapsulate the tasting profile we want form each of our gins.

Monthly Drink Recipes

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Manchester Gin is distributed throughout the UK.