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Manchester Gin and Manchester Brewing Co.

By June 30, 2017 No Comments

Sippin’ on Gin & Juice

When we were approached by Paul at Manchester Brewing Company about doing a collaboration beer for Manchester Beer week our first reaction was that no one wants to drink a beer that tastes like gin! Our fears were quickly put to rest when Paul explained that the idea was to create a beer using some of the botanicals we use to create our gin.

Bearing that in mind and the fact that Manchester Gin is first a foremost a contemporary citrus lead gin there was only ever going to beer we were going to make… a citrus lead IPA.

When it comes to making beer it was a lot more intense than we had imagined. Having come from distilling gin and knowing that changing even 1 or 2 grams from your recipe will have an effect on the overall flavour of your gin, to turn up and find 200kg of barley waiting for us was a big surprise.

The first job was to load the 200kg of barley into what I can only describe as a huge pot in order to rehydrate and start the harvesting of the vital sugars that start the beer making process

This is me rehydrating the barley which is the starting point for drawing out the sugars from the barley.

Having drawn out the sugar and pulled through 1,400 litres of water its now time to add the barley and start making the building blocks of beer.

Here comes the beer, or at least the un-alcoholic kind, that ends up as what we know as beer.

All 1,400 litres goes into the fermenter to get to know each other.

I thought that was the end of the process but there was just the small job of shovelling out roughly 400kg of 65 degrees hot, wet barley!! To say I was sweating was an understatement!

After all that work was done the only thing left to do was let the beer ferment over the next 2 weeks and wait very patiently for the fruits of our labour.

As we we’re leaving Paul asked us “what do you want to call the beer?”, having never named a beer we felt the pressure to get it right but thankfully Paul mentioned that most of his beers are names after songs and lyrics.

As soon as we heard that the answer was obvious …. “Sippin on Gin & Juice”

The beer will be available throughout the Manchester Beer Week (June 23rd – 2nd July) and will feature on tap take overs around our great city.

Paul and I hope you love it as much as we do….

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