Manchester Gin Launch Night

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After over a year of planning, Manchester Gin fully launched on 12th May 2016. It was a stressful yet exciting year all rolled into one, with applications to HMRC, ordering our Still and awaiting delivery of it from Portugal, followed by months of recipe development.

We decided what better way to launch than to hold a night for everyone to come down and try our gin for FREE!

If you didn’t see the posts on social media, we threw a huge party and had had a massive turnout with over 300 people coming down.

Manchester Gin Launch 02.06.16 08 B&W                       Manchester Gin Launch 02.06.16 13





Seb spent most of the night on a constant conveyor-belt of making Gin and Tonics – No sooner as he had done a row of x10 G&Ts they were whipped away and it was on to another row.

Manchester Gin Launch 02.06.16 22

Manchester Gin Launch 02.06.16 23






We also had a number of Manchester Gin themed cocktails which were takes on some Gin classics but with a little Manchester twist! Check out our Serves & Concoctions page for some ideas on how to enjoy your Manchester Gin.

It was a huge success and big thanks to Common, especially Jonny who I’m not sure expected such a turn out and who was rushed off his feet. Another big thanks goes to Double Dutch Drinks, who kindly gave us a supply of Tonic, and Jade (Manchester Gin’s very own “Ginstigator”) for helping us out on the night and who also helped pull cocktail ideas together.