The Day The TV Camera’s Came

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ITV & the Gin Scene in Manchester

Now for those of you that know Seb and I, you’ll know that much to Seb’s amusement, I’m rubbish in front of cameras. And I mean truly terrible. It was therefore highly amusing for Seb when he heard that ITV wanted to do a feature on us and the Gin scene in the North West.

After weeks worth of re-scheduling due to diaries and other far more important news pieces coming up, Tim from ITV finally came this month to film us, our processes and how we make Manchester Gin. We started by showing Tim what it takes to make our Gin in our micro distillery, the botanicals that go into it, our process and technique of how we hand label every bottle.

Gin Journey being filmed with Manchester Gin at Cottonopolis

From there we headed into Manchester City Centre to film the second part of the piece at Cottonopolis. Tim filmed the Gin Journey which takes Gin lovers to 5 of the best bars in Manchester to try a specially created gin cocktail in each of them – ours being the Worker Bees Knees.

It’s quite amazing how 4 hours worth of time and effort filming (mainly due to a number of re-takes for my bit!) can be condensed into 120 seconds worth of footage!

It was hugely exciting to know our gin was going to be on TV though and once I got over my fear, we quite enjoyed it. Naturally Seb took it all in his stride!

If you didn’t manage to see it, check out the link below for the ITV coverage of Manchester Gin: