Raspberry Gibson Martini

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Christmas Concoction

Raspberry Gibson Martini

A twist on the traditional Gibson martini made famous with it’s pickled onion garnish. Ours is floral and light with a hint sourness from the apple cider vinegar. This is a boozy drink that we think should cut through fat of a dinner or pair perfectly with your fish starter. Enjoy responsibly as this cocktail is easy to drink and hard to forget. This is a drink to celebrate the versatility of the humble raspberry.


50ml Raspberry Infused
15ml Mancino Sakura Vermouth
5ml Apple Cider Vinegar
10ml Apple Cordial Pickled Raspberries


For the raspberries: You will 300g raspberries, 100ml Apple cider vinegar 200g sugar. Rinse the raspberries under cold water and pat dry. Heat the ingredients in a heavy based pan over a gentle heat until the sugar has dissolved. Simmer the fruit for 5 minutes and carefully remove with a slotted spoon to put in a sterilised jar. Raise the temperature on the pan and boil until the vinegar becomes thick and syrupy. Pour the liquid over the raspberries and seal. Once opened store in the fridge.

For the drink: Stir down all ingredients over ice in a stirring jug or a tall glass container (pint glass will do). Stirring the drink is for a much slower dilution so this will need to be tasted all the way along until you find the drink at the right dilutuion for you. Garnish with pickled raspberry.

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