Lemon Raspberry Spritz

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Christmas Concoction

Lemon Raspberry Spritz

A sherbet, fresh and floral spritz. This drink has wonderful fruitiness with a refreshing long finish. Perfect for Christmas morning to get over that Christmas Eve hangover and is our celebration of the lemon we distill with that also pairs beautifully with our Raspberry Infused Gin


35ml Raspberry Infused gin
12.5ml Lemoncello
10ml Oleo-Sacharrum
15ml Raspberry Purée
2 raspberries
Mint sprig
Prosecco top


Oleo-Sacharrum – This will be the first thing you need to make for this drink and you will need to do this a couple of days before. The first thing you will need is the peel of 2 lemons. Then with the peels in a bowl you need to muddle them with about 30g of sugar per lemon. Cover and leave this for at least 2 days and you will notice a thick syrupy oily liquid has come out of the peels and the sugar will have disappeared. This is the Oleo Sacharrum.

For the drink: Shake all ingredients apart from the raspberries and mint in a Boston shaker and strain over ice into a wine or balloon glass. Top up with prosecco and garnish with the raspberries and mint.

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