Christmas Stock-ing

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Christmas Concoction

Christmas Stock-ing

This drink is spiced and slightly sweet from the Cassia. Fresh raspberry and winter warmth should make this a drink for any cold moment throughout the winter. This recipe celebrates the warmth of the Cassia and sweetness found in our raspberry gins.


300ml apple juice
50ml Calvados brandy
25ml tonic syrup
4 tsp brown sugar
2 black peppercorns
2 cinnamon (Cassia) sticks
4 all spice berries
4 star anise
3 thin slices of fresh ginger
2 wedges of fresh orange
4 gelatine leaves
per 35ml cube – 35ml Raspberry Gin


This drink is all about pre preparing so allow yourself a couple of days before hand to make the stock.

For the stock cube: Put all ingredients except the gin and the gelatine into a heavy based pan over a medium heat and bring to a simmer until all sugar is dissolved. Take liquid off the heat, store in a container for a minimum of 24hours to let all spices infuse properly into the liquid. When the time has passed and you feel the flavour is full enough sieve the spices, soak your gelatine leaves in cold water and bring the liquid back to a simmer (do not boil). When the liquid is hot again dissolve your softened gelatine into the stock and set in a tub or tin (ice cube trays may work).

For the drink: Take one 35g stock cube or a couple adding to that amount and place into your cup/heatproof glass. Pour over the gin and place a cinnamon stick beside the cube. Now top up with 200ml of boiled water and watch the cube dissolve.

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