In response to the current outbreak of COVID-19, we have, for now, turned the majority of our distillery operations over from gin distillation to the production of hand sanitiser. 

We have so far focused on producing supplies for the NHS Nightingale Hospital NW, which is in Manchester Central above our distillery, as well as other NHS trusts and frontline services. We are however now able to supply sanitiser commercially, which you can order by contacting

Our sanitiser is made to the WHO recipe (80% Alcohol) and is made in our city-centre distillery.



We want to do our bit to support the NHS and frontline services in any small way we can. If you are enquiring on behalf of NHS or frontline services please get in touch as we will produce your sanitiser at cost to help you keep PPE costs as low as possible.

Size 500ml bottle (with pump) 5 litres (no pump) 25 litres (with pump) 25 litres (without pump)
Minimum order quantity x6 (one box)
Cost per unit £5.00 £30.00 £105.00 £100.00
Box cost £30.00 N/A N/A N/A

These prices do not include VAT or delivery costs. These prices are for ordering in bulk. For small orders, you can purchase a case of 6 x 500ml for £36 or 5 litres of £38 (inc. VAT) directly from our website or contact us on the email address below from larger quantities.

For larger order quantities and IBCs (1000 litres), please get in touch for pricing.

Contact for all sanitiser orders and enquiries.